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Siemens HiPath 1100 Family

HiPath 1100 family is the high-performance Phone family, made up of three systems, for companies with up to 140 users. Integrated options, such as CLIP analog, make your communication even more flexible. HiPath 1100 is an especially cost-effective communications solution, not only in terms of purchase price, but also for installation and operation.
Starting with a basic system HiPath 1120 with 2 external lines and 8 analog ports, up to a maximum of 6/16 analog extensions or 4/20 in case of mix of analog and digital Option. Followed by the HiPath 1150 Basic System with 2 external lines and 10 analog ports up to 10/50 analog or 32/40 with digital Trunks as DIU CAS and several more configurations. Finally ended by the HiPath 1190 model, which supports a mix of up to 140 extensions.
For more information on HiPath 1100 Family, please visit our download area by following this link >
HiPath 1150
HiPath 1120
HiPath 1190
Siemens HiPath 3000 Family

The latest release of HiPath 3000 is a flexible platform for small and medium businesses and scales from 20 to 500 users. It opens up the world of unified communications (UC) for the first time to those with an analog, TDM, IP, or hybrid environment. The latest version of HiPath 3000 features:

Integrated OpenScape Office UC application suite
Option for the integrated OpenScape Office Contact Center application
Support for dual-mode WiFi-GSM devices
Support of OpenStage 10 and 15 devices
Support for video-capable SIP endpoints

The latest release of HiPath 3000 opens up your business to a new way of working.
HiPath 3800
HiPath 3500
HiPath 3550
For more information on HiPath 3000 Family, please visit our download area by following this link >
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